Project Team

The County has hand-picked a project team with extensive urban planning and revitalization project experience. Our team has strong local knowledge and knows how to work with communities to design and plan for the future.

WRT Solomon E.T.C. is a well known planning and urban design firm based in San Francisco. WRT Solomon will be responsible for preparing the North Richmond Specific Plan and managing all members of the project team.

Dowling Associates, Inc. is a transportation design firm with experience in North Richmond. Dowling will be responsible for addressing critical circulation and traffic issues within the new planning area.

HMH Engineers is an engineering firm that will provide civil engineering support to the project for both utilities and infrastructure.

ESA Community Development will prepare an Environmental Impact Report to enable approval of the Specific Plan and to streamline future redevelopment applications.

Craig Communications has extensive experience in the North Richmond area and will assist the County in community outreach activities including distribution of project information, planning community workshops and meetings, and meeting facilitation.

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