Project Overview

The North Richmond Specific Plan will be prepared over the next 2 years. The project will be accomplished in the following phases:

Phase 1: Defining the Issues and Assumptions
Phase 2: Exploring Alternatives
Phase 3-A: Preparing and Adopting the Specific Plan
Phase 3-B: Preparing and Certifying the Environmental Impact Report

Phase 1 – Defining Issues and Assumptions: This phase involves gathering relevant background information, analyzing the physical characteristics of the planning area, summarizing the planning history and regulatory context and determining the residential and business community’s attitudes towards future growth and development in the planning area.

Phase 2 - Exploring Alternatives: During this phase three conceptual land use alternatives will be developed. Various scenarios for future redevelopment of the project area including land use alternatives related to circulation, open space, community facilities and revitalization. Economic development will be explored with the community as well as a discussion on the merits and challenges of each alternative. A preferred land use alternative that is supported by the community will be the outcome of this phase.

Phase 3-A – Preparing and Adopting the Specific Plan: This phase will involve fully developing the preferred alternative into a comprehensive North Richmond Specific Plan in accordance with all state requirements. This phase will be completed concurrently with Phase 3-B.

Phase 3-B - Preparing and Certifying the Environmental Impact Report: This phase will involve the preparation and certification of an EIR in support of the North Richmond Specific Plan.

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