How to Participate

The North Richmond Specific Plan will be prepared over  a 24-month period (Note: Work on the Specific Plan actually began in Winter 2008 but was temporarily suspended during the Summer 2008 due to market and economic uncertainty).  The community will have a chance to participate hands-on in the Specific Plan process by attending public meetings and workshops. These events will occur at milestone stages of the project including identification of the Land Use Alternatives and selection of a Preferred Plan Alternative.

The public meetings or workshops will inform, encourage discussion and solicit feedback from the community to ensure that the Specific Plan expresses the vision, goals and ideas of the community as a whole.

In addition to public meetings and workshops in the community, North Richmond residents, businesses, landowners, and other interested parties will have an opportunity to provide comment and testimony in formal public hearings on the Specific Plan that will be scheduled before the County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

Anyone interested in finding out about upcoming meetings, workshops, or hearings related to the Specific Plan should periodically check this website for information.

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